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Verus Design & Prototype offers clients our expertise in design, manufacturing and sourcing.
 Bring your ideas or projects to life with V-DP .... WE MAKE THINGS HAPPEN !

  • 25+ years of molded plastic component design and molding
  • 25+ years of 3d design (Solidworks)
  • 30+ years of drafting & specification (including GDT) 
  • 45+ years of mold making / precision tooling and fixtures medical silicone materials, molding & extrusion
  • Over 60 years of manufacturing and machining experience
  • V-DP uses all the current design tools
  • Expert level in product, tooling, and mechanism design
  • Visualization renderings to 3d models for manufacture
  • Fixtures & Gauges
  • Quick prototype tooling in a variety of materials
  • Production tooling in stainless steel, alloys, tool steel
  • In-house heat treating
  • Complex mechanisms and custom equipment
  • Quick parts with in-house tooling and molding (raw materials stocked)
  • Product and process development
  • Custom equipment design & manufacture
  • Expert level in molding, extrusion, dipping, adhesives, compounding
  • 3d model - rapid prototype
  • Expert level knowledge of all current rapid prototype processes
  • Fixtures & devices machined in plastic
  • We work with virtually any kind of thermoplastic material available
  • Volume production experts in design & tooling
  • All levels of products or devices can be made at V-DP
  • Many materials used: Wood, Clay, Fabric, Plastic, Silicone, Metals
  • "Idea-to-consumer" plans for just about anything
  • V-DP is highly experienced in all phases of product development
  • V-DP has extensive experience with medical silicone processes

Cost Appropriate

Assistance from v-dp can be scaled to fit your situation. Whether you're an individual or an established company, we can help you at any level from simple consulting to full process development including supplying production components or products.

Verus, Latin [veer-us]  true, real, suitable, right

  Verus Design & Prototype
 Dedicated to moving the world forward with our experience.

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