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Verus Design & Prototype can supply prototypes out of virtually any material using a variety of methods; prototype molding, direct machining, 3d printing, casting, water jet, laser, etc. You'll find our creativity and resourcefulness unmatched.

What is a prototype?

In the case of an object, the "prototype" is version of the idea in physical form. Technically, the term doesn't signify the final version but one version created as part of the product development cycle. "Prototype" is also a verb, meaning the act of making a version of an object, or objects (to prototype). The prototype doesn't have to be of an object. It simply means a trial version of a concept or idea. Its very common to produce multiple versions (prototypes) of an object as part of its development, as functional or other testing gets performed and designs are modified accordingly and additional prototypes made.

Typical Product & Component
 Development Flow

  • The idea or need (initial market review / viability study)
  • Concept sketches
  • 3d model or other conceptual media (apply DFM principles)
  • Blueprint (sometimes skipped at this stage...a mistake)
  • Prototype (mold, 3d print, direct machining, etc.)
  • Testing (functional and market)
  • Redesign? (model changes, update prints)
  • Prototype
  • Testing / pretrial
This prototype / test loop can repeat multiple times but is less likely with good engineering and documentation applied from the beginning. From this point, depending on the product type, the path may vary slightly from this model.
  • Market research / manufacturing plans / filings
  • Short (small) run of component (prototype tooling)
  • Possible test marketing / sales / trials
  • Possible design tweaking based on feedback
  • Possible small re-run (prototype tooling) 
  • Finalize design and manufacturing plan
  • Marketing / sales / approvals
  • Production design
  • Production tooling
  • Production run

V-DP can save you money by applying DFM (design for manufacture) principles early in the development process.